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Communal festival, 2021: The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly was in Mbuye

publie le Tuesday 26 October 2021
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

If ever the road linking Mbuye to Ngozi was tarred, Hon. Abel Gashatsi hoped, the development of that administrative entity would be increased. The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly made these remarks on the sidelines of the celebration of the communal festval that takes place every first Saturday of August. For this edition, the festival took place throughout the country on August 7, 2021.
This festival offers an opportunity to evaluate each commune by its natives. In this regard, the communal administrator, Mrs. Evelyne Ndayisasire, deplores the lack of a stadium, which explains the holding of the festivity at Burundi Unity square exactly at the inner courtyard of the communal office. Nevertheless, the projection of a documentary in the multi-purpose hall of the commune showed various achievements to the credit of Mbuye commune. The audience applauded a masterpiece that is the construction of a bridge linking the two communes of Mbuye and Rutegama. Mrs. Evelyne Ndayisasire awarded prizes to the ten best students who scored well in the National test.
As for the President of the Communal Council of Mbuye, he congratulated himself for the certificate of honor won by Mbuye commune during the celebration of the Independence Day on July 1, 2021. Mr. Joachim Barutwanayo hopes their community will continue on the same path. The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly invited all participants to be proud of being natives of such a beautiful commune which is very productive. "We are called to love our commune. We must feel united as one. To do this, we must bypass everything that divides us. We must get rid of the ethnic barrier." insisted Hon. Abel Gashatsi before pointing out that the next step is the take-off towards development. He urged natives who perform their duties elsewhere to visit often their birthplace for possible support.

Hon. Abel Gashatsi recommended to the population to change mentality and adhere to cooperative societies. Not only the monoculture has already shown its outcomes but also natives are ready to support them and experts should also imagine other strategies to propel the commune towards development. For example, areas such as Kivoga and Gasura should already be expanding like towns. Electricity would then be easy to access.
After the speeches, the guests sat down on mats and shared traditional food such as bananas, sweet potatoes, colocases and eggplants. The meal was accompanied by local beer. Later the natives met in the multipurpose room to analyze and take a decision on strategies for the development of their commune.
The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly had earlier that day visited the Health District Center Maternity of Kivoga held by the Sisters of the Congregation of Mary. Despite the cleanliness and appropriate services, the health center presents some imperfections including the unfenced pit of placentas and other waste that are currently burnt-out. Hon. Abel Gashatsi then promised to contribute to the building.

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