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Parliamentary holidays: Encouragement for awake agro-pastoralists.

publie le Monday 30 August 2021
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

Mr. Jacques Mazuru is a modern agro-pastoralist, seed multiplier and agricultural animator from Kayogoro commune in Makamba province. During the parliamentary holidays of July 2021, Mazuru was visited by the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly.

Mr. Jacques Mazuru, who is also a religious devotee, carries out his agro-pastoral activities at the Rusovu and Kiyange hills of Kayogoro and Kibago communes where he owns an arable land of 60 hectares of which he only runs 30 hectares at the moment. He uses modern selected seeds from ISABU such as national and exotic composites including hybrids. Thus, crops such as rice, maize, beans, colocases, oil palms and cassava grow abundantly in his field as noticed by the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe. He also does the breeding of cattle, pigs, goats, chickens…

The yield is more impressive for this self-made man who, through bravery and determination, has now reached a considerable level. This is also due to the invaluable contribution of the Provincial Office of Agriculture and Livestock (BPAE) and the technical assistance of agricultural monitors who are constantly helping him. For instance, 85 kilos of hybrid maize seeds generate a yield of 6.8 tons. Moreover, having confidence in his experience, Mr. Jacques Mazuru teaches his neighbours. However, he faces some challenges including the lack of equipment. Thus, a farm tractor would help him run the full extent of his property.

On the other hand, the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly also visited the agro-pastoralist Vénant Ndikuriyo of the Muzye area, Giharo commune in Rutana province who is mainly dedicated to the palm oil mini-processing thanks to its small rudimentary processing unit. With a workforce of more than 80 dispatched people in different activities, he cultivates palm oil on a 30-hectare property and practices modern pig and duck farming, which qualifies him as an agro- model pastor in this locality.

What’s more, his processing unity was adapted from his innate knowledge. In addition, around this small factory, there is public potable water that he made available to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Delighted with all these previous initiatives, the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly encouraged their instigators since they have internalized the vision of the Government which aims at promoting agriculture and livestock as pillars of the sustainable development of the country. All these innovations prove the awakening of Burundian consciences as predicted by the Top Guide of Patriotism His Excellency President Pierre Nkurunziza.

In order to have access to the capital that will allow the emancipation of their projects, the Right Honorable Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe urged them to register their properties and subscribe to agricultural insurance.

The population was delighted to see such an important authority next to them, and his presence prompted some of them to offer him various gifts including a cow ready to calve as a sign of gratefulness.

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