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Parliamentary recess March 2022: Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly calls on people to create multi-sectoral federations

publie le Thursday 31 March 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

Provincial administratives are invited to favor experimentation over theories, to preach by example on field rather than being mere bureaucrats. Furthermore, the directors-general should know that they are not called upon to stay in the offices, but to work on field countryside, as they are the connection between various ministries and provincial governors for the implementation of the state’s programmes.

This call was made by Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly in Kayanza and Kirundo provinces during the activities carried out in the framework of the parliamentary recess of March 2022.

Provincial officials, religious leaders, leaders of cooperative societies and economic operators who participated in the moralisation sessions held by Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly were sensitised on the qualities of a good leader.

A good leader is one who not only gives advices but also accepts to be advised and knows how to take good decisions at the right time. A good leader is also one who cares about the well-being of his or her constituents, with a protective and unifying spirit, while constantly listening to them, also leading by example.
Cooperatives have been abolished and replaced by cooperative societies, which have access to certain facilities such as the right to import-export and benefit from exemptions.
Cooperative societies are therefore of a socio-political-economic nature, as they are included in the National Development Plan (NDP) and must implement the Community Development Plans (CDP).

They are therefore called upon to increase production through agropastoralism, enhance the value of the Burundian currency, reduce the public debt, multiply industries and boost GDP. They are therefore the core of the country’s economy. Right Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly recommended to the leaders of cooperative societies to create federations bringing together all the cooperative societies in each province. The same applies to economic operators.

As for justice, Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe advocates fairness, instead of trying to decide between two sides to designate the winner and the loser, which creates frustration and conflicts. Rather, it is agreement and reconciliation that should be favored, which is why the ’Sentare zo ku mugina’, or village courts, were re-established.
For cases that are already before the courts, the competent jurisdictions are called to render justice without bias, not to be corrupted because the truth will remain as it is and will always triumph. "Being a magistrate is a vocation, not a job."

As for religious leaders, their role is important in society because they have been anointed to spiritually guide people. God has a promise for everyone (Romans 8) which he must fulfill, and religious leaders are privileged for they made a commitment to serve God. They must therefore be good reflections of society, advocates of truth and justice, with a unifying spirit.

Religious leaders were also urged to play a key role in the development of their localities, while supporting the implementation of PCDCs. The session ended with a recommendation from Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly that they set up a council of elders to settle disputes instead of going to the administration.

During his stay in Kayanza province, Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly had the opportunity to join the population in community development works. These consisted in the earthwork, on the occasion of the launching of the actual construction works of the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Kayanza, ISPKA in short.

The population of Kayanza had responded massively to the appointment, with even a Caterpillar machine to help with the clearing.
Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe recalled that this high level institution will admit the brilliant students. He also invited the population to multiply the production of fruits because a big juice factory will soon be built.
Kayanza does not intend to stop there; it aims even further, with the project of buying an aeroplane "Kayanza Airlines" as confirmed by the Governor of the province, Colonel Rémy Cishahayo.

Taking advantage of his parliamentary recess of March 2022, Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly enhanced the celebration ceremonies of the International Women’s Day in Kayanza Province where he stated the qualities of a liberated woman.
This was an opportunity to give loincloths and soaps to vulnerable and elderly women from the province.

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