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The Speaker of the National Assembly at the Sunday service at ICB

publie le Monday 22 August 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

Getting strong is a term that is enough in itself, stated Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, during the Sunday service at Israel Church Burundi, ICB in acronym, while commenting on the theme of the day, "faith in God invites each to get strong and to take courage.

Nevertheless, the Speaker of the Lower Chamber of the Burundian Parliament deplored the fact that people, instead of submitting to the authority of God in heaven, indulge in carnal pleasures, exactly the way Satan does. But God has made us overcome many trials. So there is no room for doubt.

The best thing, he hoped, is to pray God to honor his promises to us, which are sure to come true. Promises are in fact realities, he concluded before inviting everyone to introspection. Moreover, the Almighty God is Truth.

Furthermore, he proved that the divine promises are being fulfilled even now. The current situation wrongly plunges some people into panic fear. Human questioning demands a total answer, whereas yes goes hand in hand with no. Moreover, a French author said: "Man is not an answering machine but an inferring machine", i.e. he answers a question by asking another instead. Yet God appears in good times and difficult times. Jesus Christ is always there. The proof is that Burundi is a school of thought in the concert of nations.

God even wants us to carry our burdens, even if we sometimes refuse him firmly. Otherwise, God will always deliver his promises. Only everyone is called to take courage in both political and religious matters.

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