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Oral questions with debate to the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research

publie le Tuesday 25 October 2022
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research declared on Thursday October 20, 2022 during a question and answer session before the MPs that the Vocational Training Centre will welcome the students who have been channeled in the near future.

According to Dr. François Havyarimana, the Vocational Training Centres (VTC) are wrongly despised by students, some of whom even prefer to interrupt their schooling after failing the Ecofo test and when they do not have a place to repeat the year. While the practice of repeating the year will be abolished, the VTCs will be upgraded to university degree, provided that they develop their skills in the same discipline.
Furthermore, MPs expressed their ambivalent view on technical education, which is currently very popular among students. The reason: technical schools provide a diploma while general education award a certificate.

The government envoy rather encourages this option for students. Technical schools offer many opportunities. Not only are they suitable for emergent countries like Burundi because they are operational, they also promote job creation.

Indeed, the construction of multi storey buildings would be a way to gain space and to accommodate a significant number of students, proposed some MPs who took as evidence the demolition of buildings called "Tropicana" and "GH" in the university jargon at Mutanga Campus. The MPs insisted that the contribution of the community is crucial in the management of students. This opinion was even shared by the Minister of National Education and Scientific Research who congratulated some businessmen who have built in their province of origin homes that currently shelter students of the campuses of Mugerera in Bubanza and Buhumuza in Cankuzo.

Comparatively speaking, the new BMD system (Bachelor - Master - Doctorate) is more productive than the old Bachelor system. The curriculum is even condensed, in contrast to the view that the BMD system is poor.

Moreover, every workplace is a place of learning, Dr François Havyarimana reminded the private sector that rejects the trainees.
Regarding the school refectories, which have already proved their usefulness, the Government member advocated their sustainability. Now that they are supported by WFP, schools should already consider their ownership. The Government’s envoy recommended that schools close their domain and register it. Self-financing will then be favored. He reassured that the building and the land would soon be returned to the former Athénée primaire.

While congratulating the private higher education that has unburdened the country’s only university, Dr François Havyarimana nevertheless reframed the on-the-job training. The Government of Burundi, which is not at all against the perfection of its employees, is committed to readjusting the salary to the new degree. A secretary recruited as such does not have the right to claim the salary of a graduate after her evening university course, he insisted. Respect for the rule of the game is required.

Furthermore, the member of the Government also called for respect for the hierarchy. Only the minister is entitled to assign his staff. However, the report on the ground proves that there are arrangements with the headmaster, who assumes the right to assign a teacher from Ecofo to the post-basic cycle. Subsequently, the claims of the said teacher will be null and void.

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