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Parliamentary recess: The first Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly leads a delegation of elected officials from her constituency of Muyinga

publie le Wednesday 12 April 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

The poor people of some localities in the province of Muyinga are selling their properties at low prices. This situation was revealed by the provincial Governor, Mr. Jean-Claude Barutwanayo, who requested the help of parliamentarians to eradicate this phenomenon during a dialogue session with the population of Cumba village in Muyinga commune.

The first Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, leading the parliamentarians of her constituency, took part in the dialogue session as part of the parliamentary recess of March 2023. Indeed, over a period from March 20 to 26, 2023, the Honorable Sabine Ntakarutimana has made many achievements. Addressing the local elected officials, Governor Jean Claude Barutwanayo called on them to stop getting involved in the purchase and sale of those lands. Instead, he invited them to mobilize the population to engage in agropastoralism to combat famine.
For those who complain about the remoteness of judicial services, the Governor of Muyinga province urged them to register. Indeed, he informed, according to the new policy, the judges will be moved to remote localities so that the population can benefit from their services. The same issue applies to the Cumba area.
The activity was also held in the chief town of Gasorwe. The first Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly realized that the concerns of the population are related to land conflicts to the extent of 80% against 20% for the administration. The Honorable Sabine Ntakarutimana invited the population to bring their grievances first to the local elected officials before taking them to the judicial authorities.

In addition, the first Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly visited the water distribution center located at Gasuru Hill in Gasorwe commune with the aim of verifying whether the water line plan developed by the commune had been respected. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, the technicians said, because the water lines were not laid out in the plan. Only the line leading to Kiremba is functional, they detailed before specifying that the Kagwema-Matyazo line has been removed by the hierarchical authorities.
The Honorable Sabine Ntakarutimana promised to present the problem to the minister in charge.
"Prevention and management of community conflicts" was the theme of a workshop organized by the Women’s Forum in Muyinga province for women leaders to assess their contributions to development. The first Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, who took part in the workshop, called on the women to unite in order to gain more confidence through the demostration of their various capacities. For the Honorable Sabine Ntakarutimana, a woman leader must be exemplary at home, at work and in the neighborhood. Being the first factor of socio-economic development, her sustainable efforts in favor of the society are manifested through her ability to exercise high functions successfully. She also sensitized the parents to register their children at the civil registration office for the establishment of the birth certificate and recognition of legal existence, protection of their rights and assurance that any violation of these rights will not go unnoticed in the future.

An assistance composed of food (300 Kgs of rice, 100 Kgs of corn, 50 Kgs of sugar, a 20 liters jerry can of palm oil) and non-food composed of (2 boxes of soaps and 1 box of cosmetics) was also given by the Honorable Sabine Ntakarutimana, in her own name, to a center for people living with physical disabilities called St. John Bosco accommodating 70 people, located in the neighborhood of Kibogoye in Muyinga. The first Deputy Speaker encouraged them to always make efforts according to their level to develop themselves despite their disability. She also launched a vibrant appeal to the benefactors to come to the rescue of people living with disabilities.

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