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The 2nd Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly joins the people of Mbuye commune in community development work

publie le Sunday 30 April 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

For the Honorable Abel Gashatsi, education is the sine qua non and one of the fundamental pillars of all global societies.

Together with the diligent population who attended the community development work of Saturday, April 29, 2023, the Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Honorable Abel Gashatsi was pleased to take part in that work of public interest which consisted in the earthwork of the ground that will serve as the playground of the students studying at the nearby school. In addition to levelling that ground, it was also an issue of bringing closer the stones and rubble that will be useful for paving four classrooms under construction.

Thus, he donated 20 cement bags as contribution for the completion of the work.
According to the Governor of Muramvya Province, people who buy food crops that have not yet reached the harvest stage at the ridiculous price commonly known as ’Umurwazo’ or ’Kumena ijisho’ are being vigorously discouraged.

The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly emphasized on that point, saying that the administrative officers and those in charge of public security are urged to discourage that practice of "Umurwazo" and take all measures to implement measures to intensify the development of agro-pastoral production in order to accomplish the missions of the Government and to follow the vision of the Head of State whose focus is to increase agricultural production so that every mouth may have food and every pocket money.

He further urged everyone to develop love and work in cooperative societies to give hope for a prosperous future to the next generation. "Fight against laziness" - Honorable Gashatsi made a strong call to the local elected officials to dismantle the groups of people who do not want to work.

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