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The program budget, a highly effective tool in give-and-take negotiations

publie le Sunday 28 May 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

The Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, Speaker of the National Assembly, visited Kayanza province from May 25 to 27, 2023, to monitor the compilation of the model Communal Plan for Community Development (PCDC in French acronym). The visit followed a three-day workshop at Kigobe Congress Palace, attended by members of the Government, provincial governors, communal administrators, permanent executive secretaries, presidents of communal councils and communal technical advisors in charge of development, to disseminate and validate the model PCDC and the process of integrating it into the general State budget for the 2023-2024 financial year.
The aim of the workshop was to provide the communes with qualified and effective tools for harmonizing their development plans with a view to integrating their contents year by year into the general State budget, after it had been noted that the contents varied from one commune to another.

After the workshop, the communes took action by adapting their PCDCs to the model PCDC. They were given three days to complete this work and send it to the Prime Minister’s Office to continue the General State Budget process.
In the communes of Matongo, Gatara, Muruta, Kayanza, Butaganzwa and Kabarore that the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly visited, he found the administrative staff hard at work, and took the opportunity to guide and give them further clarification on the added value of this model PCDC tool.
For its operational implementation, this planning document must be based on results-based management, which must then be materialized by OVIs (Objectively Verifiable Indicators). It’s this aspect that will enable us to negotiate with partners," added the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, "because we too will have tangible things to present. So it will be a give-and-take exchange. So we need Burundians with great negotiating skills, because in the past, we’ve been cheated by a lack of negotiating ability.

To complete this model PCDC, the Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly informed them that they could add headings relating to the specific features of their communes. As for the implementation of these PCDCs, it will take place at the grassroots level cooperative societies, as these are the places where the country’s wealth is multiplied.

On the occasion of his visit to Kayanza province, the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe visited the IMENA factory, which manufactures a range of beverages highly prized in Burundi, including the famous RahaTangawizi and Hozagara. He encouraged this kind of private investment, praising the advanced technology and equipment used, as well as the strong workforce.

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