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The cohabitation of tea and coffee crops, an originality of Kayanza province

publie le Monday 15 May 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

Nowhere else in Burundi, no province combines the two export crops of coffee and tea, complimented the Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

The Honorable Abel Gashatsi was speaking on Saturday, May 13, 2023, at the end of community development work that he had just carried out in Rwegura locality of Muruta commune in Kayanza province. He was reacting to the alarm raised by the communal administrator of Muruta, Mr. Audace Hacimana who pleaded on behalf of the population regarding the derisory price of a kilo of tea. Some people are planning to abandon this time-consuming crop while producers barely make a profit.

The Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly rejected this hypothesis of abandonment, before demonstrating that Burundi has held on since long ago because of two export crops, coffee and tea.

God has endowed the province of Kayanza with a lot of potential, continued the Honorable Abel Gashatsi. In addition to the industrious spirit that pushes the population of Kayanza to invade other corners of the country to grow that crop, its proximity to the Kibira forest favors year-round rainfall.

On that occasion, the Second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly warned the population against the practice of usurers who buy growing plants at low prices. He also called on the population to manage well the abundant harvest of the current crop season.

The purpose of these community development activities was to clear the landslides from a section of the RN12 and to clean the gutter along the road. The population, the various administrative authorities at different levels, the Governor of the province of Kayanza and the MPs of the constituency also took part.

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