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The well-thought-out word edifies more than one

publie le Saturday 23 September 2023
parCommunication and Spokesperson’s Office

The word is not given or asked for. It is taken by whoever uses it wisely, at least in Burundian culture. This lesson was given by the Speaker of the National Assembly at the end of the community development work he carried out on Saturday, September 23, 2023 at the Matongo site where the Kayanza Higher Polytechnic Institute, ISPKA for short, will be built.

For the Rith Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, the word, which translates as "Ijambo" in the local language, Kirundi, must be beneficial to the one who hears it. This is what the public testifies about someone who always pronounces edifying words: "Speak, the word belongs to you." It is in this sense that the "Ukwatira" ceremony must be understood. This ability to speak well elevates the one who is endowed with it to a high level. This is what has made the Burundians say that the value of a man is not measured by his size but by his art of speaking well.
Furthermore, he added, other proverbs underscore the weight of the word, such as "Umugabo yihindukiza mu kirago ntiyihindukiza mw’ijambo". (A man turns in his bed and not in his words). The fact of conceiving an idea denotes the sense of freedom from which the notion of freedom of expression also derives.

Sure of his edifying words, an upright man then directs his words towards a specific theme such as development. At this stage, the vision of Burundi as an emerging country in 2040 and a developed country in 2060 finds its meaning.
Language is one of the aspects of culture, he continued before deploring that colonization introduced other languages, which led to misunderstandings that materialized in massacres. Languages have mixed in Burundi to such an extent that the people no longer understood each other, like those inhabitants who were building the Tower of Babel, he compared.

370,000 bricks will be fired thanks to the logs that have been brought to the three brick kilns during these development works.
Laypeople had given the shape to the bricks that were fired in the first round of test. But for this second round, the task was entrusted to qualified and salaried laborers. The funds from the sale will be deposited into the bank account opened in the name of ISPKA.

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