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"The Speaker of the National Assembly reiterates that the Burundians are capable of building an ideal country where development is a reality". These statements were made by the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe, Speaker of the National Assembly during his visit to the constituency of Kayanza on November 5, 2022.

Taking the opportunity of the parliamentary recess, he went to the site that will house a large fruit juice processing unit in Kayanza commune on Kinga hill. This huge factory under construction will be able to produce between 4000 and 7000 liters of juice per day, which will boost not only the economy of the province but also that of the country.

Equipment and accessories have been deployed and the installation is pending. The Right Honorable Speaker of the National Assembly reaffirms that the progress of the finishing works is going well. However, he insists on the implementation of rigorous hygiene techniques and proposes the recycling of residues into agricultural inputs, biogas and lotions. In addition, he called on the population of Kayanza to start growing fruit, including natural bananas, since this plant will be an opportunity for the surrounding population to find a market nearby.

Thereafter, the Right Honorable Gelase Daniel Ndabirabe visited the site where the Polytechnic Institute of Kayanza, ISPKA in acronym, will be erected. The earthwork activities have reached a satisfactory level. It should be noted that this institute in floors will host talented students with ambitions in the technical fields. In the meantime, a good quality of clay found there, of the kaolin type, will make good bricks for the construction of the Institute while others will be sold to benefit the university. The Speaker of the National Assembly made a vibrant appeal to other provinces to learn them and to the youth to follow in the footsteps of these hardworking natives of Kayanza.

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