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>>Overseeing the work of the Government

In addition to passing the law, the National Assembly also monitors the work of the Government. The National Assembly tries to follow very closely the application of the laws passed and very often tries to summon the members of the Government to submit the population’s concerns to them.
To this end, the work is done through oral questions put by MPs to a Minister. However, those concerning the general policy of the Government are addressed to the Prime Minister of the Government.
It can also be done through written questions. These are submitted by an author to the Speaker of the National Assembly who notifies them to the Government.
The control of the work of Government by the National Assembly can, if necessary, be materialised by the creation of parliamentary committees of enquiry, as well as by the role of information of the standing committees and motions of censure against the Government and of no confidence against a member of the Government.
Note that keeping a check on the work of the Government does not extend to the last two aspects. However, the information role of the standing committees was exercised during the 1993-1998 legislature outside parliamentary sessions in order to request information enabling them to analyse draft laws during the sessions.

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